/ 31 July 2021

iACADEMY will start the new academic year with GOAL Information Session, a virtual discussion on Guided Online Autonomous Learning, the school’s game-changing and optimized approach to online classes.

On July 31 at 4 p.m., iACADEMY will host the GOAL Information Session to provide students and parents a better grasp on how classes, activities, and assessments have been adjusted to prioritize the essential concepts and competencies needed by the students and facilitate holistic learning experiences in the virtual learning setup.

“GOAL or Guided Online Autonomous Learning is anchored on the principle of outcome-based education and it incorporates flexible and adaptive learning arrangements with the main focus on the student’s welfare and context,” shared Cecilia Sy, vice president for Academic Affairs.

At the start of the pandemic in 2020, iACADEMY hosted The New Normal webinar series to brief parents and students on the school’s transition to GOAL.

The school designed the GOAL program not only to adapt to the challenges of online learning during the pandemic, but also to elevate student experience through collaborative projects with various industry partners, social activities within student organizations, and other engaging programs.

iACADEMY said that it looks forward to stronger international linkages and partnerships to broaden learning horizons and grant more certifications for students this year.

Founded in 2002, iACADEMY has pioneered specialized programs that are technology-focused, innovative, and Industry-relevant.