/ 5 July 2021

A STUDENT group of the Holy Angel University in Angeles City in Pampanga condemned the alleged gender discrimination of one of its personnel.

The University Student Council referred to the case of Rainelle Canlas, a transman and USC senator, who was addressed as Ms. instead of Mr. by the Office of Student Affairs following a discrimination case he filed last June 28.

USC said that Canlas experienced the discrimination during a webinar in celebration of pride month.

The school’s publication The Angelite reported that Canlas was told by the chief of OSA to temporarily wear long sleeves and feminine slacks until he gets his women’s uniform.

“The USC, as the highest ground of student government inside the institution, recognizes the grievance of its own member as a strong manifestation that gender-based harassment, misgendering, discrimination, and violence still exist even inside an institution that upholds compassion as one of its core values,” the group said.

“Any direct or indirect assault, insulting words, willful disrespect, discrimination, and bullying against any member of the HAU Community will not be tolerated by this council. The effects of aggression to the safety, protection, and mental health stability of every Angelite must be put into consideration,” it added.

The student body urged the school administration to draft and adopt a policy that will promote a gender-sensitive, gender-inclusive, and gender-responsive environment.

“We firmly stand that educational institutions, like HAU, should be at the forefront of promoting safe spaces for everyone, especially to the members of the Rainbow Community,” it said.

The POST tried to get a statement from the university but has yet to receive a reply.