/ 2 August 2021

THE GUIMARAS State College is set to finish the construction of a vessel that will serve as a tribute to the Guimaras strait tragedy in 2019.

The Iloilo-Guimaras strait tragedy claimed the lives of 28 people after three boats capsized following a miscommunication among emergency response authorities.

GSC said that the “Trimaran Marine Vessel” is near its completion. The vessel can carry up to 80 people and two multi cabs per voyage.

The project was initiated through the partnership of GSC and the Department of Science and Technology.

“It will be traversing the Guimaras strait servicing from Buenavista wharf to Parola wharf and vice versa. This is a joint project of the GSC Graduate School and Department of Science and Technology Region VI (DOST VI) and was initiated after the Guimaras strait tragedy last August 3, 2019, that has claimed many lives including some of the Graduate School students of the college,” GSC said on Facebook.

“It is to honor their lives and with the hope and prayers that such tragedy may never happen again with improved sea vessels,” it added.