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People are showing off their plants this quarantine. And it goes beyond their love for aesthetics. Now, more than ever, we look at how house plants are, in actuality, more as a mental health boost than a decor.

/ 1 August 2020

There’s a blooming trend nowadays that brings the city back to nature through house plants. It’s aesthetically pleasing, fun, and refreshing—the most basic reasons why there’s a rise in plant lovers in the city during this challenging lockdown. With everyone tired of these series of bad jujus that 2020 has thrown, it is not surprising that people sought to find some shade to cover our minds by allowing plants to relieve us from the stress.

It’s this missing sense of nature in the urban jungle that city dwellers have always been longing for. There’s not much space for us to linger with all the same walls we see everyday during lockdown. So it’s essential to have some boost in color and life in our sweet abode especially for the condo or dorm spacers. Scanning through aesthetic Instagram pages may easily tempt you to buy these cute little shrubs or succulents that bring life to even the smalless of nooks in the house. Celebrities like Bretman Rock took on the #plantlady role with his new vlog series Plant of the Day, and Queer Eye’s very own Bobby Berk encourages us that “there is a plant for every ability to keep a plant alive,” in case you’re intimidated to own one for not having a green thumb.

But house plants prove more useful than just an article for design. In a deeper sense, these “ornaments” have given most of those who have taken on the “plant parent” role a sense of normalcy and a sense of release in a time when we are all isolated in our own homes. In case you’ve been going back and forth on your decision, here’s more reasons for you to get your own house plant:

To purify the air

This comes as a no surprise because every science teacher has taught us that plants release oxygen. But inside your house, air pollution may also exist in mold, viruses, and pollutants, and in wall paints, rubbers, vinyl, laminates, computer parts and plastics. Plants help purify these harmful toxins so the air quality in your home remains fresh and clean. They also help stabilize the humidity levels at your room so it may spare you the use of an electronic humidifier.

To relieve stress and mental fatigue

This is the reason why a walk in the park is recommended when you’re feeling down. In a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, results show that “active interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress compared with mental work”. But even more compelling is the fact that the soil itself also acts as a natural antidepressant with its microbes called outdoorphins. With all these in check, the basic caring of plants can relieve you of anxiety, stress, and a breather simply by having them around and taking care of them.

To enhance thinking or cognitive skills

In case you’re too preoccupied by complicated thoughts and situations, plant can help relieve your stress and boost your mental capacity. According to an article from Singapore Tatler, Ng Cheow Kheng, Group Director, Horticulture & Community Gardening, NParks, expresses that gardening works as both an exercise and a way to lift our moods.

He says, “It invigorates the mind and enables us to satisfy our innate need to connect with nature—also known as biophilia. There is growing scientific evidence to support beneficial biophilic effects on health, such as reducing stress, enhancing positive mood, improving cognitive skills and academic performance, as well as moderating the effects of ADHD, autism, and other childhood illnesses.”

With that said, the next time you work or study make sure that a plant is near you as your buddy.

To help you find a plant that’s best for you, check out these local IG stores where you can buy house plants:



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