/ 17 December 2021

THE FAR Eastern University launched a documentary featuring its “iconic theater.”

The documentary titled “Bravo: History and Legacy of the FEU Auditorium,” narrates the illustrious history of the theater, which dates back to the 1940s.

FEU President Michael Alba said that the FEU auditorium is important because of its history.

“The vision for the auditorium was to provide a creative outlet for the students as a way to balance their academic and creative life. Preserving the arts and culture is the very core of the university and embedded through various programs and initiatives for our students,” Alba said.

Dr. Nicanor Reyes, the university’s founder, made a commitment to renowned actress Sarah Joaquin, who played at a local theater and eventually founded the FEU Drama Guild, now known as the FEU Theater Guild, to build the auditorium.

On November 5, 1949, the FEU Auditorium debuted with a ballet performance.

When he designed the auditorium, National Artist for Architecture Pablo Antonio Sr. introduced the art deco style. Building the FEU Auditorium after the war was his concept of art deco: integrating form and function, emphasizing on simplicity, symmetry, and subtlety.