GAB bars Global Makati FC

Games and Amusement Board (GAB) decided to blacklisted Global Makati FC after not acknowledging the request of the former with regards to allegations raised on the club and Mark Jarvis.

/ 24 September 2020

Allegations were raised on Global for unpaid salaries to its players, coaches, and staff last month, where amounting to Php 5,800,000 was said to be still outstanding including P1.6 million to defender Jerry Barbaso alone.

On August 4, GAB issued an order to the club and its team manager, Mark Jarvis, giving them 10 days to explain why their licenses should not be revoked or suspended.

At that time, there were already 15 complaints against Global.

Jarvis acknowledged the receipt of the complaint on August 11 but still failed to answer under an oath within the 10 days given to them.

This resulted in the Football Federation suspending Global FC’s license last September 1.

Right after the issue, GAB Chairman, Abraham Khalil “Baham” Mitra signed the said order of blacklisting the team dated last September 7.

“We are unhappy about what happened, and we are acting on the complaint of the players whose livelihood and careers have been affected,” Mitra said in a statement.

Together with Jarvis and his team, they will no longer be allowed to apply for or renew their license, nor transact with GAB, or otherwise act as a professional licensee.

“I hope this serves as a deterrent and a lesson to others who may do the same. GAB’s mandate is to look after the welfare of our professional athletes, and we intend to do just that,” Mitra added.

Global was known for winning multiple trophies—won four league titles, two UFL Cups, one UFL FA Cup, and one PFF National Men’s Club Championship. 

They also participated in the AFC Cup three times.