/ 7 November 2020

THE FAR Eastern University is studying the possibility of asking students to pick up their flash drives used in its Total Analogue Learning (TAL) after encountering delivery problems.

The university said that TAL, an academic innovation of FEU for distance learning, has faced key issues on its preparation and distribution.

“The principal cause for the delay of the delivery of the TALs was the incomplete course modules submitted by a small number of faculty members,” Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Maria Teresa Trinidad P. Tinio said.

She said that some packages were not delivered to students for various reasons such as incomplete addresses and impassable streets.

The easing of quarantine restrictions prompted the school to study the possibility of a pick-up option for the flash drives.

The school gave assurances that key changes will be implemented for next semester’s implementation of the modality by having a stricter checking protocol of the complete course materials for better distribution.

The TAL modality was designed by the university to address the education needs of those students with internet connectivity issues and those who are capable of independent learning.

The flash drives contain the CCM or Course Information Booklets and other necessary files such as recorded lectures, readings, assessments and instructions.