/ 5 April 2022

A STUDENT from the De La Salle University was named as one of the recipients of 2021 The Outstanding Young Men awards.

Maria Yzabell Angel V. Palma, a mechanical engineering student, was recognized under the Science and Technology category for her invention called “AirDisc Cooling Technologies.”

Palma said that her invention is an alternative air-conditioner design that uses only 10 percent of the electricity required from a conventional installation.

The device consists of a rotating set of concentric air tanks through which air is passed and compressed, being cooled in the process.

It does not use chemical refrigerants like conventional air conditioners, avoiding the use of expensive and hazardous material.

TOYM is an annual national recognition awarded to Filipinos between 18 and 40 years of age who have made significant contributions to their field or community.

The award was organized by the Junior Chamber International Philippines and co-sponsored by the TOYM Foundation, and the Gerry Roxas Foundation.