/ 20 September 2022

STUDENTS from Centro Escolar University were among the participants in the Summer 2022 Japan-Multilateral Collaborative Online International Learning/Virtual Exchange Project of Kansai University’s Institute for Innovative Global Education.

Science and Technology students Lineth Ocampo, Kate Daryl Velarde, Ellana Mari Corral and Jasmin Grace Ibasco were selected for the program held from August 8 to September 20, 2022.

“Through collaborative projects with other participants from different countries, the students will deepen their knowledge in the fields on Sustainable Developments Goals and Business, Diversity and Inclusion, and 21st Century Skills,” CEU said.

It said that students who completed the program will be eligible for a digital badge.

“This will be given by Kansai University within three months of program completion,” the school said.

The Japan-Multilateral COIL/VE Project: 21st Century Skills is fully conducted online and is a multinational exchange program designed to enhance the participants’ intercultural competence and develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in the international workplace.