/ 16 July 2021

THE CATANDUANES State University has unveiled its Smart Student Center that can be used by the students once face-to-face classes resume.

The center will be equipped with an internet connection and other tools needed to enhance learning.

A Student Desk was also built inside the Office of the President to help the administration keep track of the other needs of students.

“These initiatives of the University are part of my personal commitment to ensure that those who comprise the largest sector of our academic institution- the students – are empowered and given the proper attention, care, and respect that they deserve,” CatSU President Patrick Azanza said.

He added that a student complex will also rise under his term.

Azunza said that the funds for the Office of the Student Regent have been released.

“A few days ago, my office has also turned over the management of student funds to the Office of the Student Regent so the student leaders can independently decide on how to spend their funds, with full autonomy, subject to COA rules,” Azanza said on Facebook.