/ 2 October 2021

A SHOVEL that was developed by the Bulacan State University College of Engineering to reduce discomfort was registered as a Utility Model.

BulSU on Friday said that the shovel with two handles is to accommodate the user’s anthropometric measures or designed to adapt to the proportions of a human body.

The design was first introduced in 2017 which was used as a project at the IEshikawa Project Fair at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

It bagged the “Best in Ergonomics Project” award.

BulSU’s Innovation and Technology Support Office applied for the patent design in 2019.

“The Ergonomically Designed Shovel is developed to minimize perceived discomfort and risk of developing work-related musculoskeletal disorder among workers,” BulSU said on its Facebook page.

“Both handles are in ‘D-grip’ so that it will provide advantageous leverage and control. The ergonomically designed shovel analyzed and considered all the necessary properties so that its function suits the job and the worker as well,” it added.