All-Pinoy Valorant team Team Secret came prepared to outclass Japan's Crazy Raccoon, 2-0, in Group C's elimination match of the Valorant Champions 2021, Monday (Manila time) in Berlin, Germany.

/ 7 December 2021

Team Secret put up a show in the Valorant Champions elimination bracket with an impressive 13-5 opening win and a dominating 13-2 in the second round. 

Jessie “JessieVash” Cuyco’s (Sage) led the squad to a 2-0 advantage to start Game One in Split.

The Japan squad managed to bounce back and managed to steal a couple of rounds but Team Secret wasted no time and took five rounds in succession to bag the opening map 13-5.

Riley “Witz” Go with his Raze came out as round 1’s MVP for the squad with an 18-9-3 kill-death-assist record.

“Don’t get this wrong just because there was a really big gap in the scoreline. I know Crazy Raccoon is a very great team and I feel like we were just used to how they play so it doesn’t mean that they’re not a good team,” Jayvee “DubsteP” Paguirigan said.

Come the second round at Split, Crazy Raccoon took the opening round of the second map, but Team Secret quickly retaliated with two quick rounds.

Crazy Raccoon then managed to chip in the next round but it would be their last as the second-ranked Southeast Asian squad showed no mercy, winning the 11 rounds in succession to go with a commanding win, 13-2.

“It’s just that we are really ready for what’s coming for us and I have a lot of respect for Crazy Racoon especially the guys there I can see their emotions when we were fist-bumping earlier and it really broke my heart. I wish we could both go out of the groups together and I wish them good luck in the future as well,” DubsteP continued.

“It means a lot to me and my team ‘cause we were really looking forward to going out the groups and we are also looking forward to facing Vikings soon,” he added.

Team Secret looks to secure a playoff berth when they face Brazil’s Team Viking in the Decider Match on December 8, 1 a.m. Philippine time.