/ 18 March 2023

THE BILIRAN Province State University has appointed its vice president as officer-in-charge until a new president is elected.

Dr. Marianne Agnes T. Mendoza, vice president for Research, Innovation, and Extension and director for Research and Innovation, has been with the university for seven years.

As vice president, she helped bring in P50 million funding for five research projects.

“I never aspired to be president of any university and you know that. I just work and be true to the excellence that we embody at VSU. That I should serve with utmost dedication so that I can make a difference in the institution that I work for,” Mendoza said in an interview with the Visayas State University.

“While this is overwhelming for me knowing how difficult it is to manage a university, I shall continue with this new task so that even with a temporary vacuum in our current leadership, BiPSU can continue with its operations and move forward toward the fulfillment of our basic mandate,” she added.