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8 October 2022

To celebrate the 20 Years of Macbeth, the brand has put together a 20 band line-up music festival, merging fashion and music together.

The brand selected different genres with a passion focused on highlighting both the main and underground music community.

With Macbeth’s love of Music, Art and Denim, this Music Festival will feature a live band and fashion show collaboration, showcasing the latest of Macbeth’s Collection.

The event will feature local rock bands and artists including Rico Blanco, Mayonaise, Urbandub, Written By The Stars, Snakefight, Soapdish, and more.

Furthermore, the anniversary show will be the official launch of Lady Macbeth and Macbeth Underwear, 10 years of Macbeth in the Philippines, and 20 Rocking Years of Macbeth in the World.

The show is said to be the first time to happen in the Philippines.

The fashion show will feature three sets of the collection: the Denim collection, the Rock collection, and the 20th collection with about 30 models who will make their way on the runway.

Marketing Director of Macbeth Philippines, France Santiago said that they want to highlight the new collection of Macbeth and the music scenes during the event.

Macbeth’s 20th-anniversary show will be held at the Metro Tent Convention Center in Pasig City at 3;00PM today.