/ 4 May 2021

A COALITION of students and alumni of the Ateneo de Manila University expressed support to the victims of sexual harassment in the Far Eastern University High School and pledged to help them in their legal battle if they decide to file charges.

Time’s Up Ateneo said it is ready to mobilize its resources and tap other networks to help protect the students through legal means.

“Time’s Up Ateneo stands in solidarity with the brave students of FEUHS. Time’s Up Ateneo stands ready to fully support the students of FEUHS who have spoken out,” the group said.

It expressed concern over reports that some students who have spoken out are now being harassed with legal threats.

“None of this is new. It is a common tactic for harassers to cower behind threats of a lawsuit. But this standard playbook tactic does not faze us: the protection of survivors is enshrined in Philippine law, and due process, if justly upheld, ensures such protection,” Time’s Up Ateneo said.

It added that the issues raised by FEUHS students were similar to the case of Ateneans who experienced sexual violence inside the campus.

“We, too, have had to call on the school admin to fulfill their mandate to protect students and other members of the community,” it said.

Last month, more students from the Far Eastern University came forward and accused teachers of sexually harassing and abusing them.

Under the hashtags #FEUSHSDoBetter and #FEUHSBeAccountable, complainants urged the school administration to take action against the teachers involved.