Bulletin Board


/ 6 May 2022

The Western Visayas State University is in need of two private sector representatives for its Board of Regents.

WVSU said that the representatives are needed to help the university with its operations and dealing with private sectors.

It said that applicants must be a natural born Filipino, at least 35 years of age, has extensive experience in the field, and a resident of Western Visayas for at least five years prior to the appointment.

They must also currently employed in any government office in the time of the nomination, and are preferably engage int he fields of science, health, education, technology, business, governance, communication, and arts and humanities.

The applications and nominations are open until May 13, 2022.

The documents can be submmtted to the Office of the Board Secretary of WVSU in La Paz, Iloilo City.