Bulletin Board


/ 7 January 2021

The University of the Philippines College of Law announced yesterday that the admission application to its Juris Doctors program is now open, January 7.

All application requirements and Law Aptitude Examination registration must be accomplished not later than January 31.

“Due to the need to administer the admission process online and the limitations of new protocols, the Admissions Committee will make a first cut of the applicants based on their academic records and other relevant factors including extracurricular achievements and leadership potential, and those affecting diversity and territorial representation,” it said.

In addition, “Those who will qualify to proceed with the application process will be invited to an online preparatory course which will require the use of a computer and internet connection. The prep course is both an orientation to law and an evaluative process of the applicant’s aptitude for law education. It will run for two (2) weeks beginning the third week of February 2021.”

“The preparatory course will be followed by the Law Aptitude Examination (LAE) and an interview, both to be administered online. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to make a second cut of the applicants prior to the LAE as the results of their performance in the prep course may warrant.”

LAE is the entrance examination to the prestigious UP College of Law. It consists of objective tests that will test the applicant’s Communication Skills, Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary, Critical Thinking, and Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning.

Applicants will be assessed based on their scholastic standing and LAE results.

For more details regarding the cost of the application, availability of logistical support and scholarships, and other details, you may visit https://law.upd.edu.ph/jd…/law-aptitude-examination-lae/.