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21 July 2021

Guilty as Charged: An Accountable Accounts was a Webinar conducted by Bachelor of Advertising and Public Relations students of Polytechnic University of the Philippines last July 17, 2021, via Zoom Meeting and was streamed live on Facebook. The mysterious cloud built up before the said webinar was interesting including their official jingle which had captured the audience’s attention. The mysterious cloud built up before the said webinar is interesting; posting pieces of evidence for students to figure out the Event on their first teasers since June 19, 2021, with the help of their adviser in Advertising Organization and Accounts Servicing- Mr. Dan Patrick Macaya.

In addition, the said webinar had made its initial hearing about the case entitled: “Taken into Accounts: The Preliminary Case Proceedings” which was held via Zoom Meeting and Facebook Live last July 10, 2021, hosted by Haniel Esteban, a Copywriter at TBWA/Santiago Mangada Puno and Mark Anthony Elsisura, a student and one of the organizers of the event. The guest speakers were alumni of PUP College of Communications namely Via Arboleda, an Accounts Manager, Winloyd Pauyon, Production Officer, Mia Mikaela, an Art Director, and; Suzette Untiveros, an Associate Art Director. After the preliminary proceedings, the main webinar focused on “How to be an effective Accounts Executive” but also tackled different aspects of the Advertising and Public Relations program.

The day of the main webinar was hosted by Mark Anthony Elsisura of BAPR 3-2D with his partner Julia Carmina Lucas of BAPR 3-1D together with their event’s moderator who is also an Accounts Manager- Via Arboleda. The webinar was also employed with several hotshots in the industry, one of whom was Kate Alconga, a former Clients Services Director and Head of Accounts at IdeasXMachina Advertising Inc. They also have Golda Roldan as a speaker who is a Chief Execute Officer at Wunderman Thompson Philippines leaving the audience with her iconic line “Bira lang ng bira!”; The agency that gave birth to the KitKat Breaker Benches, a campaign for Nestle back in 2016. Equally as promising was Betsy Baking, a Copywriter and Managing Partner at Over the Moon Communications Inc. with her “Anong Kwento, Anong Kwenta” story that left the audience in awe. They also have Maya Roldan a former Client Services Director at VMLY&R Philippines for the segment about writing the brief and also, they have Paolo Broma, a Client Services Director at TBWA/Santiago Mangada Puno who shared his knowledge about how Accounts navigate in uncertain times.

The webinar was ahead of its time, conducted and nailed amidst the pandemic. As illuminating as it was, the hard work and gravitas to pull off something like this was a team led by Justine Cagalingan of BAPR 3-1D; It’s in his name, but this webinar, “Guilty  as charged: An Accountable Accounts” really spoke for itself.

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