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12 November 2021

The PUPFJPIA Maharlika Federation marked the beginning of the academic year 2021-2022 on the 29th and 30th day of October 2021 with the opening ceremony entitled SINAYA: Ang Unang Layag. The organization held a series of webinars and hosted various competitions such as a general information quiz bee, literary arts fair, and a virtual cheering competition to name a few.

The first part, Day 1 – October 29, commenced with the opening remarks delivered by Assoc. Prof. Julieta G. Fonte, CPA, Ph.D., as she applauded the organization for being an instrument of unity among PUPians. Following this is the welcoming remarks of Prof. Charry Pena, CPA where she talked about the accountancy path consisting of three things: (1) the vehicle that represents the drive, dreams, and preparation of a student; (2) the state of the ocean which narrates the condition throughout their journey; and (3) the captain, God, who gives them direction. Then, the president of PUPFJPIA Maharlika Federation, Ms. Genesis Arnisto, led the newly appointed executive officers, chairpersons, and members of the PUPFJPIA standing committee as they took their oath in fulfilling their duties as members of the organization. In light of the beginning of the new federation year, Pastoress Rose Marie Perez led the prayer in blessing the PUP Federation.

PUPFJPIANs lively commented and sent reactions for their representatives as the virtual cheering competition began. The participants included in the event are the local chapters from PUP Alfonso, PUP Bataan, PUP Lopez, PUP Sta. Rosa, PUP Sto. Tomas and PUP Taguig. Eventually, PUP Taguig won with their catchphrase, “we don’t just rule, we double rule.”

The afternoon signaled the start of the webinar series. The first webinar was entitled “Going AFAR and Beyond: A Guide to Understanding Concepts on Partnership”, which was led by Mr. Mark Alyson Ngina, CPA, CMA. He introduced the life cycle of partnership and proceeded to the two main issues of partnership – valuation contribution and realignment of capital. The second webinar was “VATerans: Paving the Way to Apprehension of Value Added Tax” by Mr. Rex B. Banggawan, CBA, CPA. His lecture was about the idea, scope, exemptions, and other topics on value-added tax.

The second part, Day 2 – October 30, immediately began with another two webinars. On Iskolaya: Towards a Secure and Debt Free Future, Ms. Kristine Ivy O. Banawa talked about financial literacy and advised students how to be financially fit. On the other hand, Biyaheng CPA: Wala Munang Papara, which was led by Prof. Kevin Troy M. Chua, MAcy, CPA, CPP, CTT discussed the accountancy profession and the hardships that comes along with the journey towards being a CPA.

The afternoon portion opened with the Q&A segment using google forms for a chance to win the following prizes: a coffee gift package, a special coffee drip pouch, and two accounting books. This was immediately followed by the announcement of the winners for the raffle and Q&A segment. Continuing from the announcement was the introduction of the judges and quiz masters: Mr. Jason Renz Barrio (Essay Writing and Cartooning Competition), Mr. Rendzborg Bautista (Infographics Making Contest), Mr. Aaron Dela Cruz (Written and Blackout Poetry Competition), and Mr. Aljon Concillado (General Information Quiz Bee). After which an awarding ceremony was held in recognition of the winners in each competition. PUPFJPIA President, Ms. Genesis B. Arnisto, warmly gave the closing remarks and reminded the students to learn from their past experiences. To formally close the event, the PUP Hymn and JPIA Paragons served as an official closing.

This event was made possible with the support of our wonderful sponsors: Real Excellence Online CPA Review, FranchiseManila.com, J’s Lifestyle, BCV Accounting Book Shop, Grinders Café, with media partners: Edge TV Philippines, Carthal Manila, The Philippine Online Student Tambayan, and Coach Boost Gio.