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Gateway Gallery Tackles Disinformation in the April 23 KulturaSerye

13 April 2022

In light of the deluge of disinformation plaguing the county, Gateway Gallery will livestream the KulturaSerye Talk that will focus on the origins, dynamics, and challenges (brought by) disinformation in traditional media and the digital space. The KulturaSerye Talk, The Battle for Truth will be aired live on April 23, Saturday, at 2 p.m, from the Gateway Gallery Facebook Page.

Disinformation has been plaguing the country since the rise of social media, especially in the last presidential election of 2016. Propagated by fake news, memes, troll armies, and hoax media outlets, It has become harder for Filipinos to filter the truth from distorted information. This is aggravated by the rise of attacks on traditional media, irresponsible bloggers, and a polarized political climate and citizenry.

In The Battle for Truth, viewers will see how history and leadership advocate Mona Magno-Veluz scrutinize this phenomenon. Mona, of the famous Mighty Magulang in Tiktok, started doing history blogs in July 2021. Her bespectacled image against a library of books is a familiar sight on TikTok, shedding light on history and genealogy. Her Tiktok posts have already amassed over 3.5 million likes, while her account has already reached over 400,000 followers.

KulturaSerye, which started streaming regularly in July 2020 to discuss timely cultural, historical and art-related topics and issues, is presented by Gateway Gallery, and co-presented by the Philippine Online Student Tambayan. The talk is supported by the J. Amado Araneta Foundation.

This KulturaSerye Talk is the second for 2022. The online talk is free and provides a digital certificate for attendees who will answer the talk’s online evaluation form. John Carlo Santos, instructor at UP Los Banos, moderates the talk.