Bulletin Board


/ 12 October 2021

Gearing towards the elevation of our current practices, we cannot deny that the initiative for such a revamp is relevant — considering the changes in the business environment that are and about to transpire. It is about time that we must ponder transitioning from conventional to digital.

For this very reason, it is with honor that the UST – Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants is finally launching its pioneer webinar, “Chrysalis 2021: Transitioning into Digital Auditing”. In its 62nd year and feat of continuous excellence, it now dares to offer something new, i.e., making the student body on board and up to date.

What Is It All About?

The accounting field as they may say is dynamic in itself. We are at the time that we are more bound to adapt as problems also continue to arise. In order to combat all of this, there is a need to be informed about what our future in the profession may look like. With this, the webinar will not only discuss different facets concerning the field of auditing, but also the different updates concerning its digitalization. It will come up with different topics such as, but not limited to, traditional versus digital approach in auditing, reshaping internal audit systems, and of course, the ever interesting audit of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies which are continuously emerging in the market today.

Coming free of charge, the UST – JPIA is encouraging all bona fide undergraduate students of different colleges and universities, especially the UST-AMV College of Accountancy, to join as it aims to acquaint the future leaders of the industry, who are the students, to be more adaptive and to make them globally competitive.

Together with all its partners and sponsors, let us get a glimpse of the future on October 23, 2021!

Truly, we can infer that auditing can go further and will continue to transcend as it serves the public not just with the transparency that we all know. The fact that it is catering to the changing needs of our present environment is also a statement of the profession’s relevance up until today.