Bulletin Board


/ 22 March 2021

The Biliran Province State University announced that it is in need of new instructors and facilitators for its National Service Training Program.

It said that this is due to the restructuring of its NSTP, CWTS, and LTS programs which requires the hiring of qualified lecturers.

Interested applicants must prepare a letter of intent, and five copies of Personal Data Sheet and photocopy of transcript of records, certified photocopy of certificates of relevant trainings attended, and certified photocopy of license.

Applicants will undergo a competitiveness screening process. The screening will start on Monday, BiPSU said.

“The screening process will give equal chance to faculty members and employees of the university to select best facilitator/instructors/lecturers of CWTS and LTS program components,” BiPSU said on Facebook.

“Successful applicants will be ranked and may be recommended as determined by the Screening Committee to the University President through the Office of Vice President of Extension Services, Students, and External Affairs which shall be the basis for subject load assignment or distribution,” it added.