How do you stay relevant when the content that people follow you for is temporarily prohibited by law?

/ 10 September 2020

It’s hard to be a content creator these days, especially when you’ve been cooped up at home in state-mandated self-isolation. For artists, writers, and other creatives, it’s been tough without the inspiration of the outside world fueling their ideas, but for video creators who rely on stunning visuals, backgrounds and exciting activities for their content, the current pandemic presents a new challenge that hasn’t been dealt with before in new media.

Travel vloggers, for one, are at a danger of losing relevance as their following is founded on the places they visit, the exotic food they eat, and the envy-inducing activities they do. Many viewers subscribe to their trips to live vicariously through their adrenaline-hunting or culture-absorbing adventures, feeling as if they are experiencing it alongside their friends from the Internet.

However, as quarantine and social distancing protocols are still in place, and air travel is still limited across countries, travel vloggers are forced to restructure their content and find other ways to stay active online. The added pressure to that as well is the fact that most of these online personalities are people who do YouTube full-time, with it being their primary source of income.

A significant portion of their profit as well are the affiliate links and partnerships they have with airlines, hotels, and travel agencies, with their commission dependent on the number of people who book trips through those links. But these days, it’s understandable that this particular financial channel has plummeted due to people both voluntarily choosing and are required to stay home and steer clear from non-essential travel.

Fortunately though, as content creators, creativity is one thing they have no shortage of, and several of these travel influencers have swerved their videos to cater to other parts of their lifestyles with react videos, challenges, and daily vlogs that show the world their current realities in the respective areas that they are in.

Others that are fortunate enough to be in countries that have lifted some regulations are also trying to stay true to their brand by releasing videos of what it’s like to go on an airplane at the time of corona, some picturesque socially-distanced quarantine locations, and think pieces on the future of the travel industry. While it’s not the same as seeing stunning beaches, beautiful structures and other striking sights from all around the world, it’s insightful to say the least.

In six months alone, COVID-19 has completely turned the travel industry in on its head, and those who rely on its stability are pushed to innovate and move around their niches to soften the blow. But as no one knows how long these changes will take, and how drastic these changes will be, it’s up to these content creators to test their creativity and figure out a way to stay afloat with the rest of the content on YouTube. Luckily for them, the world has entire days to sit at home and watch videos online.