Social distancing? Check. Outdoor activity where the air (and the virus) is not contained? Check. Being one with nature and away from reality down in the city? Double check!

/ 28 January 2021

With the Coronavirus still a massive threat all over the world, and most especially here in the Philippines, a lot of people are taking it to the mountains to get rid of cabin fever without going to crowded malls and restaurants. As a new variant of the virus is also still on the loose and is said to be more highly transmittable, it’s definitely a lot safer to stay away from crowds, regardless of quarantine protocols being eased up.

This makes hiking the perfect recreational activity to get into amid these crazy times. It’s open enough to avoid needlessly getting into physical contact with others, and it’s miles away from the busy city life where all of our problems seem to lie. On top of that, finally breathing in some fresh air and seeing nature’s wonders can be a pretty incredible feeling after being cooped up inside the house for the most part of the year.

If you find yourself excitedly nodding to the last paragraph and just itching to go out (safely), you might want to check out some hiking groups and accounts on Facebook and Instagram where hikers share their adventures, trails, and tips in traversing the stunning Philippine trails.

The particular activity and its groups have been popular since before COVID struck us, generally among like-minded friends who are interested in outdoor activities. But it’s definitely a special interest that’s growing in popularity these days, and it might just be the answer to your growing cabin fever and pandemic-induced paranoia.

Check out these groups:

HIKINGBUDDIES (@hikingbuddiesph)

Hiking Buddies is an Instagram profile that organizes hiking trips with friends and other interested hikers. The account itself, when not promoting their schedules and updates, is used to share specific trails, and hiking locations across the country.

Via IG: hikingbuddiesph


HIKING IN THE PHILIPPINES (@adventurephilippines)

This group also organizes paid hiking trips, private or with other circles, with a complete package that includes all the information you might need to avail: the itinerary, local tour guide, van transportation, and more. If you’re lucky, the hike just might include a swimming trip under a picturesque waterfall.

Via IG: adventurephilippines



The WooGo Philippines community is not strictly focused on hiking, as it features all the outdoor activities and adventures one can have across the country. But it does have plenty of posts dedicated to trails you can explore by foot, along with other secrets throughout our islands.


Via IG: woogoph

Facebook groups

There are also a number of private community groups on Facebook that gather hiking enthusiasts in one spot. These groups typically share exciting news related to hiking to one another, including trips and new sights to see. Here are some groups to join: Hiking & Outdoor Buddies of the Philippines (14.9K members), Hiking in the Philippines (5.7K members), and Dabpackers Philippines.