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PBB Season 10 trends in Twitter and other social media because of alleged bullying among housemates.

/ 12 November 2021

Netizens lashed out at an adult contestant (TJ Valderrama, 35) who is reportedly bullying a teen housemate (Anji Salvacion, 19) in front of the others.

The video soon gained widespread attention and Anji Salvacion garnered immense respect from the public.

Pinoy Big Brother, widely known as PBB, is a franchise of Dutch reality show called Big Brother. The program considered by Pinoys as “hindi nalalayo sa orihinal na buhay” series. PBB is marketed as a “Teleserye ng totoong buhay” back in 2005 and later on emphasized the concept of “pagpapakatotoo”.

Over time, a number of former housemates came to popularity, including James Reid, Kim Chiu, Joshua Garcia, and Sam Milby. It’s popular that many viewers thought PBB is another talent search program.

“It’s a representation of the different Filipinos, different dreamers.”, Laurenti M. Dyogi said in an interview last August during PBB’s virtual media conference detesting that PBB is not a “talent search” program.

Whether or not the bullying incident that prevails inside PBB house is real or scripted, I hope that the producers will realize that bullying should not be taken lightly, especially in broadcast media where the youth can see it. Up to this time, there are cases of bullying, and the victims are recuperating from the emotional wounds they received. It’s a bare minimum effort of respect to these individuals that bullying should not be tolerated or promoted.

Alyssa Valdez, Madam Inutz, Alexa Ilacad, Albie Casiño, Chie Filomeno, and Kyle Echarri are among the celebrity contestant of PBB’s latest season.