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Now that the bout for the best volleyball team is over, as the volleyball manga 'Haikyu!!' draws to a close, here are other Japanese manga which you will also fall in love with.

/ 8 August 2020

After eight years, Japanese manga series Haikyu!! has finally ended. The volleyball manga has since gained millions of loyal followers over the years thanks to its solid plot and its quirky and relatable characters. The classic battle among the volleyball teams has put the fans at the edge of their seats while impatiently waiting for the next chapter to be released. The dynamic relationship between teammates and competitors across the net made the manga one of the most loved sports series in recent memory. Most importantly, the journey and lessons brought by  each character during the course of the story connected its readers more intimately.

Now that the rivalry between Hinata Shoyo and Kageyama Tobio has finally been concluded (I am sure fans are not opposed to a possible sequel or any spin off), it goes without saying that the two will surely be missed together with the likes Kei Tsukishima and  the rest of the Karasuno volleyball club. The bittersweet goodbye to Kenma Kozume, Oikawa Tooru, and the rest of the Haikyu gang will be felt for the days and months to come and it will surely sting for some time.

Yet, even before, Haikyu!! has become adored by many sports fans around the world  with its coming of age storyline, expertly intertwined with the youth’s intense passion for sports.

But now that the bout for the best volleyball team is over, here are other Japanese manga which you will also fall in love with:


Prince of Tennis

If you still do not know Ryoma Echizen, there is no better time to read  Prince of Tennis but now. A tennis prodigy who already made a name for himself in America, Ryoma went home to Japan and joined the famed high school Seigaku tennis club to start his journey to be on top of the amateur tennis scene. Here he started to realize how far he is from being the best, and how different tennis might be for him. All this while he discovers the importance of friendship, camaraderie and relationship as a high school ‘chibi’ genius, and why there might be a bigger life outside of tennis than he originally thought of. As Ryoma would always say, “Mada Mada dane!”


Centered around the life of Honda Goro, a son of a professional baseball player who shares his father’s passion for the sport, if not surpasses it, the real life challenges that Goro needs to overcome just to be the baseball player he wants to be will crush your heart at times. His complex family situation, the social circle he created, as well as his determination in everything he wants to achieve will pump up the excitement which will absolutely make you crave to know more. Batter out!


Considered to be one of the most thrilling sports manga ever created, the rise of Ippo Makunochi from a shy high school boy to a rising boxing star has inspired thousands of kids around the world. A high schooler who was the very definition of antisocial was accidentally discovered to possess natural strength to become a world boxing champion. His path to success is full of numerous victories as well as defeats but his transformation from a socially awkward yet loving son to a confident powerhouse is a beauty to look forward to.

Eyeshield 21

They say that not all heroes wear capes. Although sometimes they wear masks. Such is the case for Kobayakawa Sena, an unassuming highschool boy who was coerced to be the quarterback of his highschool American football team: the Daimon Devil Bats. Naturally introverted, Sena hides behind an eyeshield when he plays in the field to protect and keep his identity a secret. In fact, he officially acts as the team’s secretary. Still make no mistake, his speed almost always saves the day.


The journey of Hanamichi Sakuragi as a basketball player is as raw as it can get. A certified highschool bad boy who fights his way through his fists, entered the basketball scene with the goal to impress the girl of his dreams despite originally thinking that the sport is played by losers. Without knowing how massively he changed the basketball landscape and without noticing how big basketball altered his life’s outlook, Sakuragi’s love for basketball transcended his original goal and in return, basketball learned to acknowledge this self proclaimed “genius”

Banner image screengrabbed from Haikyu!! official trailer