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After a successful viral streak, Macoy Dubs is parking Auntie Julie to address a wider issue on Cancel Culture and the damage of trolls.

/ 24 August 2020

Auntie Julie will be taking a break. Social media celebrity Mark Averilla, also known Macoy Dubs, shares an intimate video of him removing his guise of pearls and earrings as the stereotypical tita as he addresses his concerns and dismay on the rising bashers of his comedic stint. Having his fair share of resounding media presence for his vocal political statements, wrapped in his biting, and progressive comedic act, he makes a testament of how the internet can drag you even at your finest moments.

Macoy Dubs started his viral streak back in 2017 with a series of dubbed movies with the likes of Mean Girls and The Devil Wears Prada. Since then he continued his schtick and eventually garnered himself a massive following. Taking turf in social media, Macoy Dubs fame through comedy is paralleled with his compassion for our society.


But recently, his new viral stint, Auntie Julie, a rich tita from Poveda inspired by his mom and her friends’ gestures during catch-ups, did not please everyone. While the ‘Filipino stereotypes’ schtick isn’t generally new with the likes of Davao Conyo, Marvin Fojas, and the OG Tita persona that reigned online in the past, Titas of Manila, Macoy’s take focuses on that typical tita that’s just a boost of cheers and sophistication. It also follows a narrative that includes her niece, Cassandra, and her son, Robert, which only makes it more believable and anticipating every episode.

However, the internet has always been an open book for criticisms. It’s expected that no man can please everyone. But the unnecessary bashing and ‘cancelling’ as Macoy calls it, came at a vulnerable time when the world is in a dire crisis and the mental health of people are wobbly. Especially nowadays when Cancel Culture is widely practiced, Macoy Dubs is at the forefront as a leading public figure risking his passion for content creation only to be met with the discouraging brouhahas and clamor.

This also led to finger-pointing. People began to suspect and trace the haters therefore fueling the whole issue of Auntie Julie’s parking. Ironically, the hate multiplied the same way his support has spread. Some of the accused in Twitter involved @punongbayan_ who was vocal about his thoughts on gatekeeping Macoy’s comedy because the humor gets lost when people begin to ride or include themselves in his comedy schtick. Because of this, he was bombarded with haters that are only making the issue worse to which Macoy clarifies with a video message on the real subjects that led to his dismissal.

With this clear message, it only proves that the gossip culture and the blaming game in the woke Twitter community are real. Gossips only create confusion, blaming only leads to fire, and the damage of trolls exceeds far beyond just mere bullying. For Macoy who’s been seasoned through the years as a celebrity, he was still vulnerable to the many criticisms that run rampant across social media. In the context of his readiness as a public figure, perhaps it only shows how no one’s safe because everyone has their own soft spot. 

Now, looking into the trolls problem, we’re dealing with more than just a handful, but like a virality, they also work in multitudes. In spite of the cyberbullying, fake news, and noisy banters, the once argumentative and wise discussion of cancel culture is now blurred with pure negative connotation. For Macoy who has only been criticized for his subjective humor to receive this undeserved cancellation, this only shows the fascination of trolls for unjust fixations. Perhaps the term ‘cancellation’ should not be applied in his case, but more on the notion of people just being petty and expressive of their opinions.

It takes guts to be a media star. Whether one is ready or not, the limelight is never forgiving and it will always and always comes with varying audience mindsets.