The Gist


/ 5 January 2022

TikTok has been a very good platform for rising personalities to showcase their talents not just in the app but also on the big screen. Nana Silayro and Esnyr Ranollo are two of these talented people who was given the chance to showcase their acting skills.

Nana Silayro’s TikTok contents have been focused on self-love and confidence with a little bit of humor given her personality. Basically, a woman who is not afraid to show her goofy side to others because that’s who she is. That is why, it is not a surprise that she was casted in Pasabuy, an original romantic-comedy series by WeTV together with Heaven Peralejo and Gino Roque.

Nana played the role Madam Minchin in the series. Her TikTok fans were impressed and proud at the same time with her new milestone. Based on the comments from her TikTok fans, Nana did great, saying she was a natural. She was even compared to none other than Miss Eugene Domingo herself. A beautiful woman with brains and humor plus a superb acting skills, what’s not to stan, right?

Moving on to this another TikTok personality who has made a debut in the acting industry, Esnyr Ranollo’s Tik Tok videos are mostly relatable and funny school scenario skits, featuring different characters (Andrei, Precious, Bogart, Charlotte, and many more)—all played by him! I’m sure you’ve already came across one of his videos and left you with a good laugh.

Esnyr played a role in Love is Color Blind, a movie by Star Cinema starring Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano. According to him, he portrayed multiple characters in the movie giving us a hint that his famous skit’s characters might also be seen in the movie.

@esnyrrrMy 2021 Plot twist🥺 We have an upcoming movie this December 10, classmates!🎬🖤🤍♬ original sound – Esnyr Ranollo