Facebook launches web family-serye to teach Filipino families about online safety and digital literacy.

/ 26 February 2021

Meet the De Guzmans–the Pinoy family who will share tips on how we can stay safe and protect our information online through their day-to-day experiences. 

The digital family-serye created and designed by Facebook together with partners Stairway Foundation, Child Rights Network, Called to Rescue, and the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), is part of Facebook’s efforts to make digital literacy tips and safety resources accessible to more Filipinos.

“Every day, Filipinos and millions of people across the globe spend time on Facebook to share and stay in touch with their family and community. We recognize the important role we play in helping create a safer online community. This is why we created this video series that’s as entertaining as it is educational on how people can protect their safety and privacy online,” said Amber Hawkes, Facebook Head of Safety, APAC

Meet the DG fam

Photo courtesy of Facebook Philippines


Through a fun video series and interactive polls, Pinoys will meet the following cast of characters:

Mama Nette – The mom who shares the latest news to family group chats, made more fab by sparkling GIFs and heart emojis.


Tatay Mak – The highly engaged dad who keeps tabs with friends by reacting on posts and commenting across his favorite Facebook Groups.


Ate Apol – The enterprising daughter who spends as much time selling and shopping online.


Byte – The family bunso who’s busy juggling online schooling with his dreams of becoming a gaming creator. 

The online adventures of the De Guzman family is an expansion of the “Digital Tayo” program, Facebook’s digital literacy and citizenship program launched in 2019 aimed at teaching Filipinos on how to be more responsible with their actions online. The experiences of the De Guzman family will cover topics like safeguarding online privacy and safety and spotting false news.