Lock yourself up in a dark room, get cozy under your blankets, and buckle up tight because we got what you need for a scary game night in, without the even scarier act of spending money.

/ 13 October 2020

Video games are a great way to feel the Halloween spooky vibes with the full immersion of desperately running away from ghosts and monsters who are out for your life. There’s nothing scarier than controlling the fate of your character, and being 10 times more aware of your surroundings, in and out of the game. It’s a whole different level of jump scares as well when it’s you who gets attacked, and not a protagonist in a film or series.

However, most games need a little bit of cashing out to enjoy, so we’ve compiled a quick list of games you can enjoy for free, in the available platforms:


Slender: The Eight Pages (PC)


There was a time many years ago when Slenderman was our generation’s version of the boogeyman, and so many horror stories, photos, and videos were passed around the Internet claiming his real existence. This game also made waves on the Internet, with many big time gaming Youtubers jumping on the bandwagon and recorded themselves playing the game. Play it for yourself, and find those eight pages before he finds you.


Death Park: Scary Clown Survival Horror Game (mobile)


Inspired by the murderous clown of IT, Death Park takes you on a wild journey to complete puzzles, and search for useful items to escape while the clown hunts you around the large circus map.


P.T. (PC)


Originally created to be played on the PS4, P.T. was recently ported to the PC as a pre-demo for a cancelled Silent Hills game. Many players call it the scariest game ever made, with a terrifying atmosphere all throughout the two hallways, one bathroom, and one murderous ghost.


Blameless (PC / MAC)


If you don’t want to be haunted by mysterious beings and monsters, here’s something that’s closer to real life. Blameless is a first-person adventure game where you take up the role of someone locked in a room by an attacker, and you need to free yourself before he returns. There’s a whole story behind it, with a pretty disturbing ending that’s definitely a lot more realistic than most.


SCP – Containment Breach (PC)


Think “low-budget Outlast.” The SCP game puts the player inside a secret facility overrun by test subjects gone haywire with the simple task of escaping alive. Creatures everywhere are running around causing mayhem in the facility, with your character their newest plaything. The gameplay and the creatures themselves make for some pretty unique gameplay where the tension is high, and you’ll be jumping out of your seat in no time.

Get the spook fest you need this season, even at the comfort of your own home, and don’t feel left behind in the world of horror games. Careful! You know there’s always monsters lurking in the shadows waiting for those left behind.