They just don't make games like these anymore.

/ 16 February 2021

It was probably around 2010 when became the hottest website among grade school and high school students. With free online games that range from the most popular genres like cooking, shooting, and RPG, to the most niche like those weird games that ask you to prepare a turkey under impossible circumstances, or horror mazes where terrifying photos pop out at you when you least expect it.

Computer screens in internet cafés across the country displayed different games from the website side by side, with young players having the time of their lives there after school instead of finishing their homework. Sometimes, in the most mischievous instances, these games would find their way into computers in schools, hidden away in a different tab whenever the teacher would walk by.

Now that we’re in a period of constantly wishing things would go back to simpler times, here are some of the most iconic games on that we can still play for free:


This game was one of those weird and niche titles that everyone knew because of how bizarre it was. As the title suggests, you play as an “amateur surgeon” who has to operate on innocent patients with random things you have on-hand: a stapler, pizza cutter, salad tongs, a lighter and other household items.



The classic bomber man game gets a colorful and fresh makeover with this title, allowing players to lose hours competing with friends or computer-generated enemies. It’s straightforward and so much fun, just trapping other players while waiting for your planted bombs to explode.



Ah, the infamous series that brought us “Whack Your Ex,” “Whack Your Boss,” “Whack Your Neighbor” and more. These games are straight up what it says it is. Scattered across the screen are items you can use to whack, hit, and hurt other people, and the fun always comes from the ridiculous animations each option gives. It’s actually quite crazy to think about how kids were playing this game while it’s probably on the inappropriate and dangerous side.



This is a cute title that is also a bit weird and quirky. You play as an employee who just does not want to work in the office, and you have to do all these fun tasks that are anything but work, without getting caught by your boss. The list includes cutting off toe nails, putting on a face mask, and more absurd tasks.



Papa’s food simulation series is a play on the classic cooking games of old. Papa’s Pizzeria was one of the very first in the series, which later brought us Papa’s Freezeria, Papa’s Burgeria, and more. As the title suggests, you’ll be asked to fill in the food orders of customers as the game gets progressively more difficult in each level.



Another food-themed game was Diner Dash, which gets you to play as Flo in her waitressing journey to upgrade several establishments into a five-star restaurant. The game has a lot of other versions, but the one available on Y8 is Diner Dash: Hometown Hero which takes Flo back to memory lane with her Grandma Florence.



The Lazy series plays on the same theme as Kill Time In Your Office, and the fact that these games were some of the most popular titles way back when says a lot about the general mindset of people coming on the website to pass the time. Similar to the previous titles, Lazy 1 and Lazy 2 gives your character a set of weird tasks to do without getting caught.


If you’re now feeling pumped to go back on Y8 to play some ridiculous games, just head on over to! Some games might require you to download the Y8 browser for the Flash player, but once you’re in, you can spend hours just losing your mind over some of the world’s most fun online games.