In a world of technological advancement, we should not forget to be gentle and caring to our nature. Let us use Ecosia– the search engine that plants trees.

/ 10 January 2022

Ecosia, just like Google, is a reliable search engine. But you know what their difference is? For every search that you make in Ecosia, you contribute to their goal to plant more trees.

This organization was founded in 2009 by Christian Kroll after he understood the seriousness of the problem of deforestation. Since then, the company has already helped plant millions of trees in more than 30 countries including Brazil, Indonesia, Guatemala, Mexico, and even here in the Philippines.

One of the factors that we consider in choosing our search engine is our privacy. Ecosia, respect and protect ours! They don’t store our searches permanently in their system and don’t sell our data to advertising companies. Instead, they remove our data and searches after a week. They also guarantee that our searches are encrypted and do not use any third-party tools to prevent others from seeing and monitoring our searches.

Currently, Ecosia has 15 million active users. So, what are you waiting for? Make Ecosia your default search engine now! It is available on mobile too for both Android and IOS. And on our pc or laptop, we can add it as an extension.

To know more about Ecosia and their cause, you can personally visit their website where you can read their blogs and monitor their progress. Discover for yourself how they really work and how far they’ve helped the world so far.