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"History the way listeners wish their teachers taught it." Pumapodcast's What's AP? Araling Panlipunan Rebooted shares a different kind of history lesson that goes beyond mere names and dates.

/ 27 November 2020

In a time where historical revisionism is prevalent, with individuals and organizations working to rewrite history (alarmingly even succeeding in doing so), it’s of utmost importance that we stay informed of what our countrymen have gone through to get to where we are today. Stories of wars, revolutions, and heroes don’t mean a lot when we take them in as mere answers to exams, and quizzes—which most of us probably did.

Araling Panlipunan lessons are often remembered as dreary school day afternoons watching time slowly tick by as we squeeze our brains to remember important dates and names from thick text books and uninspired lectures. In effect, our country’s own history feels somewhat detached and faraway, like stories we just read about in fiction books and witness in blockbuster movies. Pumapodcast’s Araling Panlipunan Rebooted show turns this notion around and gives us a glimpse of the real stories that happened in-between.

Hosted by Palanca Awardee and NCAA court side reporter Ceej Tentengco, and historian Sab Schnabel, each episode begins with a question: “What’s AP?” a play on what’s up and the Araling Panlipunan subject.

Episode length varies, but it’s all packed under 30 minutes, with commentary that’s fun and easy to follow on top of insightful stories from our past. The show currently has only 5 episodes uploaded from April 2020, but each episode is still relevant and important for us to check out as we wait for the series to continue.

From Forgotten Wars, to Spy Thrillers, here are the episodes you should check out in this modern-day historical lesson:


Episode 1: UNdependence Day

Let’s take a closer look at our Independence Day: what and how did it shift from June 12 to July 4 and back again? And who is this mystery white guy they called “The Stranger,” and what was he doing at the signing of our constitution?


Episode 2: Remembering the Forgotten War

Who do you remember on National Heroes Day? Bonifacio, Rizal… but what about the brave Filipinos who were first responders in the Korean War?


Episode 3: The Ninoy Aquino Spy Thriller

In this episode, Sab and Ceej revisit the events leading up to Ninoy’s homecoming and that fateful day at the airport. We also look back on the individuals whose bravery and sacrifice made it all possible.


Episode 4: The Balangay (I like big boats and I cannot lie)

Did you know that our ancestors were once upon a time the Vikings of the Pacific, trading and raiding all throughout Southeast Asia? It’s important to fight for our connection with the sea (no matter how much “someone else” seems to think it belongs to them).


Episode 5: The Angels of Bataan

Medical professionals have played a big part in our history, even before COVID-19. This episode honors the 77 American nurses who were abandoned in the Philippines in World War 2—and continued to serve in the country amid the war.