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The feeling of accomplishment hits differently when you have listed your to-dos in a planner.

/ 17 November 2020

When you see people flocking in Starbucks coffee shops and their tables are filled with drinks and stickers, you know that it’s that time of the year again…the coffee giant unveiled its planners for the upcoming year. 

The Starbucks 2021 planners, which you can earn by purchasing their signature blends of coffee feature hardbound PU leather cover with Starbucks’ logo embossed in yellow or green color. 

For its pages to be more interactive, Starbucks made sure that every planner comes with stickers, coupons,a bookmark, and tear-off vouchers. Pages are also produced using eco-friendly materials in a facility certified by the Forest Steward Council (FSC).

If that’s not enough, Starbucks also made sure that their planners for 2021 are more than just notebooks you can pile on your desks when the year is over. Starbucks’ 2021 organizers can also be used as multifunctional wallet type carriers where you can put your IDs, cards, ball pens, and other valuable items.  

This coming year‘s edition, the planners will come in four themes–Siren, Teavana Youthberry, Frappuccino Coral Pink, and  Starbucks Reserve Black Organizer. 

Each organizer comes in carriers with zippers varying in colors to add elegance and make the products multi-functional—as one would expect in anything you purchase these days.Whether you’re a long-time collector of Starbucks planners or just starting out your sticker collection, you know that this year’s holiday season will keep you active and awake. To get one, you will need to collect 18 stickers by purchasing drinks from their respective shops. And when you do, always be reminded that safety first, before those stickers. Never take safety protocols lightly even as restrictions have started to ease.

You can earn stickers traditionally using Starbucks’ paper promo card or through an e-promo card available on Starbucks Philippines mobile app.