Student Guide


Listen up mga Katambay! We know the struggle of college students at these times of crisis. So, The Feed listed some tips in budgeting, investing, and saving up for the future ahead.

/ 11 September 2021

The coronavirus has brought 2020 up to present to a standstill. The economy took a huge blow as the lockdowns began, with school closed, and restrictions in government offices and business establishments. Many college students in the country, who are working part-time, were directly affected.

Here are some ways to save up as a college student in the country at these times of crisis:

1. Join in freelance writing communities

One of the easiest sidelines and sources of extra income at these times is writing for a client. The freelance writing community is not necessarily found in freelance sites, they also exist in the Facebook community and referral opportunities. If you are willing to build a writing career, start off with the closest one for you – your friends and family members. Tell them you can assist them in managing their social media captions and charge them for a minimal fee. If you are already an experienced writer in your school, try uploading samples of your works and build a professional portfolio using online tools such as clippings and WordPress.

2. Apply for Scholarship grants

Not only this will help students save up, but especially cut costs for your parents. Check the status of your local public officials for scholarships they offer, most likely there are available

3. Put your money inside a bank 

Savings are now easier with GSave, the first-ever bank account that you can open and maintain straight from the GCash app. You don’t have to physically go to banks and open an account, you can process the account in the comfort of your own home. Who are eligible to join?

  • Individuals aged 18 and above
  • Applicant must be a fully-verified GCash user
  • Applicant must be a Philippine citizen and non-US person and have at least one (1) valid government-issued ID

4. Don’t Waste Your Money on online shopping

If you earn, learn how to minimize how you spend it. Spend only on things that matter. You can “stuff to cart,” but think several times before proceeding to check-out. This also includes in-game purchases. We know you’re frustrated to pull your favorite Genshin character, but save some Philippine pesos first before splurging on genesis crystals!