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Have you and your friends already registered for the upcoming elections?

/ 26 January 2021

As we get closer and closer to the next national elections in 2022 where the next Philippine President will be elected, the call for young people to register as voters is ringing louder and louder. This is even more apparent in light of everything that’s been happening across the country in the past few years where governance and leadership were really put to the test. With this, the Commission on Elections Education and Information Department (COMELEC) rolls out impassioned efforts to get the youth to the offices, register, and vote.

COMELEC Commissioner, Rowena Guanzon, went on Twitter to emphasize the need for young voters to register, and bringing to the public’s attention that we’re currently behind in their target of 4 million new registrants:

“Wear face masks and shields, bring your own ballpen, and go to COMELEC. We have alcohol,” she stressed.

So here’s your reminder that if you’re turning 18 years old on or before election date, pegged at May 2022, please do drop by a COMELEC office near you to register in areas under ECQ and MECQ. Registration is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 8:00AM to 3:00PM at the Office of the Election Officer. You will only be allowed inside if you’re wearing a face shield and face mask!

Follow these steps for a smooth sailing registration process:

  1. Download the CEF-1 registration form from the COMELEC website, and print three copies on a long bond copy paper (8.5″x13″), not A4 or legal size. (attach PDF if possible)
  2. Fill out the forms manually but DO NOT sign yet. The signature must be affixed before the officer.
  3. Prepare at least 1 of the following valid IDs: (embed:
  4. Bring your own pen, and make sure to wear a face mask and a face shield to enter.
  5. Fill out the Health Declaration Form.
  6. Follow the safety protocols and social distancing regulations inside the office.
  7. Await approval from the Election Registration Board (ERB) which will determine the validity of all voting applications.

For more updates, the official COMELEC Twitter page regularly shares important announcements for the nationwide registration campaign, as well as specific news regarding regional offices, if any.