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To be mobile is to be constantly agile to the tides of change and as it has been made evident now, more than ever, the world is changing and so does the movement of thoughts and practices. In this issue of The Feed, we focus on six faces of change as we navigate through life in the better normal.

/ 7 September 2020

Where do we go from here? 

A global crisis hit every country at their most vulnerable leaving us with a dreaded pandemic that kept us locked–immobile at home. This is the New Normal and we have to keep on keeping on.

Year 2020 has been an exhausting ride and the world is on a complete roundhouse to explore new systems, culture, and practices to address the issues and needs of the new normal. Everything is set in motion to find the perfect balance between staying healthy, staying connected, and keeping sane from our homes. The pandemic literally changed our lives to varying degrees.

But life only points to forward directionfinding new means for a living, discovering more hard truths at our lowest points, clearing the noise of political affairs, recreating the entertainment industry to keep the art alive, and more. So we advance forward as mobile citizens of a nation to keep the order of things in check for a better normal.


Six faces of the Better Normal

A nation is made of its citizens and its citizens make a nation. In dire times, we look into finding hope from people that inspire us with shards of truth and unconditional actions. But at the same time, we hold the responsibility to stand our grounds as well. In regards to this, we have collated six faces that are representing their own fields in the society and are making a difference through their own creative and powerful contributions. It’s what is needed today—to find faith among our fellow citizens and carry on with the understanding that there’s a better world waiting for us post-pandemic. 


Mobility in the Health Sector

The COVID-19 cases are rising, people are dying, frontliners are pushed to their limits. With the health sector becoming perhaps the most busy industry nowadays, several plans and actions kept rolling to keep the crisis at bay. But with our very health workers on the brink of complete fatigue thus their plea to take a pause during the quarantine, now, more than ever, as is necessary, we are all ears to their important voices to represent the front lines in this ensuing battle.

Herson Sadian Jr., COVID-19 Survivor, Medical Frontliner


Mobility in the Sports Industry

It’s not the end of the line for the sports community but they sure hit a major hurdle in these times. Due to the ongoing lockdown, mass gatherings are prohibited therefore arenas, stadiums, gymnasiums, and sports events had to close for a while. The inactivity of the sports community had to result in skipping this year’s events and to halt some plans that keep athletes and sports enthusiasts in good shape.

But even though this gives them ample time to save up energy and train at home based on our visceral understanding of the situation, what does it really mean for them as the primary affected subjects?

Abigail Marano, National Athlete and Team Captain, Volleyball


Mobility in the Visual Arts

Arts and politics have always been intertwined. As society grows weary of the struggling response towards the health crisis, artists have to channel their frustrations and creativity to inform in ways they can. Bringing in creativity to the palette of society’s building concerns, the infusion makes up for a more collaborative and meaningful discussion that takes place in social media replacing the placards of street protests with artistic executions.

Going mobile didn’t stall their market and voice because it has only given more visibility for people to see local talent and hear vocal opinions more than ever.

Leeroy New, Visual Artist and Activist


Mobility in Education and Literature

Every shift comes its challenges. The new normal education may be flawed for now but new systems rise with every experience. The students and professors alike have been trying to find the right gear and motivation to keep up with the unprecedented new scheme that will challenge the whole practice of education. Some have started with new platforms and learning materials from videos, presentations, and interactive tools.

For some, the detour to a totally new media has begun with the use of social media to create a wholesome and proactive experience that will drive the motivation back to the class.

Joey Clutario, Professor, Poet, Founder Tulalaan PH

Mobility in Entertainment 

A massive shutdown and pandemic happened and the entertainment sector was put on a funnel to find new channels to continue their craft. What happens now for the displaced artists and workers? New media channels find new audiences along with the rise of new narratives and concepts.

The entertainment industry continues to reel but struggles are still apparent because of the immense measures that both the government and the pandemic has brought upon. Even in the sense that its industry can support new mediums, we hear their artists on how these sudden developments screeched their careers and livelihood.


Kelvin Miranda, Actor


Mobility in Social Media

Most browse through their feeds and find satisfaction in the lives of certain influencers. While it’s a monetizing industry, several personalities do more with the influence they are bestowed with. At the rise of content creation as its very own industry, a number of cultures was born out of it as wella result of the fast-paced social media lifestyle and ever-evolving audiences.

So, with the country in peril, content creators are more than urged by the public to speak up and use their power of influence to spread information and practice social responsibility for the better. While others keep mum and carry on with their own personal content, there are a handful who are taking the content creation into a collaborative experience to influence their audience with more meaningful and creative approaches.


Dora Dorado, Content Creator, Advocate


Produced by Leo Balante

Photography by Dix Perez

Grooming by Nadynne Esguerra

Shoot assistant: Cholo Katipunan