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Time to paint the town red with these items from Rustan's that promises a prosperous and lucky Year of the Ox.

/ 10 February 2021

February 12th marks the beginning of the Year of the Ox. As a symbol of hard work, positivity, and honesty, this Chinese zodiac also reflects the sentiments of many families and individuals around the world. Welcome 2021 amidst the new normal with one significant goal: to endure every challenge that the year will bring forth. Thus, Rustan’s invites everyone to wish loved ones and friends well this Chinese New Year through meaningful traditions and symbolic gifts. 


Lucky colors for a lucky new year

Red is one of the luckiest colors in Chinese culture. Often worn at big celebrations such as weddings, festivals, anniversaries, and (of course) Chinese New Year, the color red is believed to scare away spirits of bad fortune. It’s also believed as a bearer of happiness and success. Likewise, the Pantone Colors of the year—Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow—symbolize stability and assuredness.

Wishing good fortune

With the new year comes new opportunities. As we welcome the Year of the Ox, wish good fortune to loved ones through one of the most popular and significant festive dishes: tikoy. Also known as Nián Gāo in Mandarin, which also directly translates to “nián – Year; gāo – Higher”, Tikoy is a symbol of prosperity and better times to come. East Cafe is offering the Fortune Fish Tikoy Set for only Php 580 from February 3 to 12. Pre-orders with down payments are processed 3-5 days prior to pick up.

Photo courtesy of Rustan’s


This promo is only available at East Cafe in Rustan’s Makati. For inquiries, contact 8812-0233.


Happiness and success to those who wear red

Celebrate Chinese New Year’s Eve in bright red, the lucky color that brings happiness and success to the household that wears it. Complement it with the colors of the year: solid and dependable Ultimate Gray and vibrant Illuminating yellow. Rustan’s premium brands feature wide selections perfect for the season.

For men, Hackett offers complete apparel and accessories including shirts, outerwear, pants, and belts. Arrive at the celebration in a stylish polo shirt that’s also great for golf and daily wear. Make sure dads, brothers, relatives, and partners, too, are dressed in bright red to complement the festive and upbeat mood. Bring good fortune to the workplace, too. Phone accessories and gadgets from Cygnett and Ideal of Sweden are great options for boosting work productivity. 

For women, brands such as Adolfo Dominguez, Ricardo Preto, Strathberry, LoQ, and Longchamp offer eye-catching pieces ranging from tops, bottoms, bags, and footwear. Accessorizing for prosperity may also be considered. Christian Louboutin’s logo belt is one must-have accessory for the stylish woman, while Aquazzura’s suede sneakers are comfy go-to’s for errands and casual days.

Photos courtesy of Rustan’s


For kids, spend their treasured hongbaos on toys that stir imagination and curiosity. Lego’s Chinese New Year-themed set familiarizes children with the importance of tradition. Space-themed sandwich cutters from Lunch Punch and cooler bags from SoYoung also make snacks more enjoyable during playtime and home school sessions. Supercute backpacks, Banz sunglasses, and Micro bikes and gears will also help children enjoy the rare taste of the outdoors.

For the home, decorating in red is believed to bring luck all year long. Gorenje refrigerators in Fire Red add a strong yet minimalistic design to the kitchen. Another essential for any cook or baker, KitchenAid stand mixers come in Empire Red. Finally, tableware from Noritake, Bordallo Pinheiro, Bugatti, and Christofle create a luxurious atmosphere at home reminiscent of fancy dinners at restaurants. Use these on the eve of Chinese New Year for a memorable and stylish celebration.


Thoughtful gifts and meaningful gestures help the soul persevere. While a new year brings new opportunities and experiences, wishing others well and wearing symbol items can comfort the heart more than one might think. Attract good luck, fortune, happiness, and success while wishing the same to family and friends this Chinese New Year with quality gifts from the country’s premium department store, Rustan’s.