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/ 9 December 2021

Building your own skincare routine can be a bit overwhelming. Especially for those who are only starting to get into the world of skincare. And it’s not helping that the market is flooded with different kinds of products which makes building your routine so much harder.

Personally, when I started building my own skincare routine, I was so overwhelmed that it delayed my skincare journey just because I didn’t know what kind of products I should use. At the time my skin, like many teenagers, was suffering from major acne breakout which affected my confidence. I wasn’t comfortable with my own skin. This is one of the biggest reasons why I wanted to get into skincare.

But the thing is I never really knew where to start and it also doesn’t help that fear got the best of me — fear that a product just might make my skin worse. Fortunately, I was able to overcome that fear and was able to start trying different kinds and types of products. Trying different kinds of products and regimens helped me realize how that the philosophy “less is more” is indeed true. At present, I apply this philosophy in my skincare routine.

With the growing number of skincare junkies like me also comes different skincare trends. Who can forget about the Korean skincare craze? This might sound appealing for some since Korea is considered as the skincare capital. But Korean skincare routines range from 10 steps and some even go up to 20 steps. So, for someone who believes in less is more in skincare, more than 10 steps can be a little bit too much. Skin differs from person to person; you would never know if your skin will react the same way as others. This is also true from country to country since we have to take into account the weather.

If the 20 steps routine works for Koreans, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for Filipinos. Applying too many products on your skin also means you’re also plugging your pores more. And with the humidity in the Philippines, that is just pure bad news. One thing to always remember is that it’s not how many products you use, but what products you use, that counts.

And this all boils down to your foundation or base products, products that not no matter how many times you change your routine it will always and forever be present. For me, my base routine is just a mere four steps.

Step one: Cleanser

Finding the right cleanser for your skin is the first step in any routine. This product helps in removing dirt, excess oil, and prevents clogged pores which can lead to acne. Personally, I use two kinds of cleansers one is for exfoliating while the other is more gentle to the skin. I cannot stress enough how important it is to exfoliate your skin. Not only does it make your skin appear younger but it also helps with hyperpigmentation and dark spots. While the gentle cleanser is more of an emergency cleanser whenever I have to wash my face due to unavoidable reasons. This is to avoid over-exfoliating or over-striping my skin of moisture.

Step two: Serum

Next is a tried and tested serum to give my skin the nutrients it needs. Many are still unaware of what a serum is and what they are for. So to give you a quick rundown, serums are active ingredients that target specific skin concerns like acne, dullness, discoloration, aging, fine lines, and many more — think of it as a treatment. Take note that everyone deals with different skin issues which is why it is important to use a serum that is suited for the type of issue you want to address.

Step three: Moisturizer

For people with dry skin, a moisturizer is a no-brainer. But for the rest of us who deal with oily skin, putting moisturizer on can be a bit daunting because we’re trying to avoid unnecessary moisture. However, moisturizers are more than that. It helps in creating a barrier between your skin and the climate which can cause tons of damage to the skin. More than that, it also helps in sealing the serum in your skin in order to get the maximum benefits from your serum.

Step four: Sunscreen

The last step is sunscreen. Sunscreen is arguably the most important step and should never be removed in any routine. The sun is the cause of many skin damage, it can cause discoloration, dryness, and most importantly makes the skin look older and more wrinkled. Not only does sunscreen protect you from ultraviolet rays it also saves you from years of visible damage later because as they say prevention is always better than cure.

That is my base routine, a simple four steps but it gives my skin the necessary nutrients it needs. Granted I add a few more products here and there but I honestly could live with just these four. So for any of you who wants to get into skincare but feels overwhelmed with the number of potions out there in the market, you might want to try this simple four steps routine to get you started.