We all love a feast. Sharing with everyone our favorite meals or showing off our cooking and plating skills just boosts the feeling of togetherness among fellow foodies and peers. But recently, Filipinos are taking on the local foodie group trends simply out of fun and connection.

/ 13 August 2020

Whether you’re undecided on what to order, in a dilemma of a conversation starter, or just plain curious, it’s really interesting how food is such a topic for Filipinos. Claiming ‘Filipinos’ love for food’ as a unique trait is overrated because everyone just enjoys their own cup of tea. But well, our reputation as foodies precede us around the globe and that’s just the cherry on top.

At the rise of food porn comes a rise in millennial foodies. Some take it so seriously to the point of taking it to professional heights with all the setups, plating, aesthetics, and lighting. While others took on a more hilarious approach through either sharing or reviewing meals in tempting and decadent humor. We’re here for the latter because we just have a knack for finding joy in the luxury of food. 

Recently, Filipinos are taking on the local foodie group trends simply out of fun, or at the least a sense of connection. We know we all love a feast. Sharing with everyone our favorite meals or showing off our cooking and plating skills just boosts the feeling of togetherness among fellow foodies and peers. Celebrating these mini successes, prides, and our bundles of joy empower a community that simply revels in the love for food. Just the sheer acceptance and compliment on a photo of a cup of joe or a bowl of homemade food is enough of an encouragement for one to live the trend. Taking turf in leading social media platforms and if you’re well aware of how millennial humor works, thus making it weirdly entertaining.

We look at these pages to see how the local foodie community are reacting over the fun food experience online.


What’s Your Ulam Pare?

Before you join, you must prove yourself with a series of stupid questions. Welcome to a page where you can freely post anything food-related. From memes, showing off cooking skills, and validating your weird food habits (like do you even put mayonnaise on your Pancit Canton?), you can find home on this channel with fellow food buddies, or any random food-loving online onlooker. Tag your friends, talk to foodies, and laugh at food fiasco, it’s a brewing halo-halo right here. 


Pinoy Midnight Snackers

It’s a different kind of craving when you go out of your room at midnight in search for a snack is one thing. But sharing it online for everyone else to feast on is another. This is the fun of this Facebook groupfor people to randomly or freely share their midnight delights for all to see and to find like-minded individuals to relish with. Here, you can find all sorts of snacks that range from the mundane like Pancit Canton with all sorts of additions such as spam cubes, steamed siomai, and more; to bizarre, weird gourmet such as a footlong nori, omusisig, avocado graham float, and more. You’ll be surprised with all the creativity and playfulness of people when it comes to the kitchen at an ungodly hour. Could be hunger but… it’s just irresistibly fun to have this platform for us, midnight snackers.


Masarap Ba?

There can only be two answers to the dreaded question—Masarap ba? With over 307K followers in Instagram, this page continues to rake up a cult following even at a time of lockdown. From witty, candy-coated reviews to gut-wrenching, negative reactions, they continue to drive foodies’ attention who likes to explore different food categories such as gourmet, home cooked meals, and even grocery staples. It’s written in their bio ‘Ang pinakahonest na personal food review acct sa history of mankind’ and that says a lot about their boldness and candor in serving no-filter reviews. Using over the top reactions such as “Kalurky sa Sarap”, “Lampas Langit sa Sarap”, and “Surprisingly Masarap”, they really do well in piquing interests of subscribers, followed by a humorous writeup that is often drenched in sarcasm and wit. That’s why people continue to follow it regardless of unique tastes. It’s just such a delight to read their sincerity and clever reviews to challenge or entice us to eat. Whether it’s good or not, eat it!


Chef Rod Reviews

Dubbed as a millennial food critic, Chef Rod has his own series at the local entertainment channel, Rec•Create. Here you’ll see meal stereotypes in an entertaining fashion through his curated titles that are irresistibly clickbaity. From Noche Buena, motel food, fast-food chicken skin, childhood baons, to even a bland bottled water review, there’s a connection to our native experiences that just pulls us in his narrative. It’s relatable and he exudes energy that just gravitates us to listen and be marinated in nostalgia and glee because most of his food reviews are something that we don’t see often among critics. Like who wouldn’t wanna reminisce on your childhood snack and how you used to hide and eat it in class? Or to remind the Gen Zs on how to properly eat Mik-Mik with a straw? It’s all right here on his channel raking up from 90,000 to 150,000 views each “review”.