On our last food trip, we went inside the historic Peace Arch and went around Mendiola to look for five of the most iconic food stops we could find. This time around, we are going to take a walk around the streets of España and try to find the best restos to fill our hungry tummies.

/ 22 August 2021

España is home to Asia’s oldest university, the University of Santo Thomas (UST), and tons of other educational institutions in the metro. This iconic go-to is always filled with a bustling crowd of students rushing to get to class on time. But España, together with its connecting streets such as Dapitan, P. Noval, P. Campa, and many more, offers so much more than what meets the eye.

España is, more often than not, the first place many students would think of when we say “food trip”. And true enough this street is filled with different kinds of food — name it and España has it. This is why making a list of the best restos in España is such a nightmare and those who’ve spent most of their school life around this famous street would definitely agree.

So, without further ado, here are some of España’s must-go-to restos.


It would be a crime to not put Mang Tootz on this list. Mang Tootz is arguably the most well-known karinderia near UST and any Thomasian could attest to how delicious their food is. And of course, when we say Mang Tootz the first thing that comes to mind is their iconic Banana Rhum-a. Mind you, this is not your typical turon, Banana Rhum-a is made special not just because of the langka, pineapple juice, and sesame seeds but the sauce also has rum, yes rum. This pineapple-rum sauce is definitely a burst of flavor, so if ever your near P. Noval make sure to pay Mang Tootz a visit.


Every school has its own siomai house and for some reason, siomai has become a traditional must-have for any student. And who would blame them siomai-rice just hits different. But for the students near Sampaloc, Manila, Dimsum Treats is definitely one of the best. What makes Dimsum Treats so special is their satisfying, yet affordable, serving of siomai drowned in soy sauce and chili. This resto is located in Juaning St. but worry not because they also opened several branches all over Sampaloc!


UST is the oldest university in Asia and comes with it are food stops that are also historic. One of these historic eateries is Lopez Canteen. Established in 1960, Lopez Canteen has been serving students for more than 50 years already. So, if you are feeling homesick and tired of fast food, then Lopez Canteen is definitely the place for you. They offer homecooked meals which vary every day — so take a seat and enjoy the homey vibes.


If you are looking for something other than your typical silog, then Cow-Wow Sausage Haus got you covered! They offer different kinds of sausages like German, Hungarian, Schublig, Polish, Beef Bangers, and Chicken all served in silog-style. You even get to choose what to pair it with: rice, mashed potatoes, egg, bun, or spaghetti. It might sound fancy but this sausage house is guaranteed to be student-budget friendly. Chow down on a silog with a twist and make sure to visit Cow-Wow Sausage Haus located in P. Noval St.


This list won’t be complete without at least one study spot. One of the best places to relax after a long day at school or to catch up on some readings is IChill Theater Cafe. This theatre-and-film-themed cafe is not only known for its cozy ambiance but also for its open mic nights. So, whether it’s to relax, chill, or study, IChill Theater Cafe is the perfect tambayan.

España is home to so many food stops and there are so many other noteworthy restaurants that couldn’t fit this list. And while the streets of España are currently deserted with students one thing is for sure, our school life won’t be complete without at least one food trip to España.

Let your hungry tummies guide you and let us know where we should visit next?