Mendiola peeps, have you tried any of these iconic food stops? Which one is your favorite?

/ 11 July 2021

It was March 12, 2020, when the World Health Organization (WHO) announced in its media briefing that the Covid-19 ‘can be characterized as a pandemic.’ At the time there were only 118,000 cases reported globally in 114 countries. One year has passed and we are still confined in the comfort and safety of our homes. And while we wait for everything to return to normal, we can’t help but crave all the foods we used to indulge in in times of stress due to piling requirements and grueling exams. So, before we forget the lingering taste of our favorite dishes, let us take a walk down memory lane and go around U-belt and visit the restaurants that became our refuge in times of anxiety due to school works.

The first stop in our food trip is the home of San Beda University’s Red Lions, Centro Escolar University’s Scorpions, La Consolacion College-Manila, and the College of the Holy Spirit Manila—the historic Mendiola.

Mang Kev’s Food Cart

If you’ve ever strolled around the streets of the legendary Peace Arch in the middle of the night, then you’ve probably noticed the crowd of people in front of the McDonald’s near La Consolacion College. And if you’re wondering what the commotion is all about, it is none other than Mang Kev’s Food Cart.

We all know how Filipinos love their street food especially fishball, kikiam, and kwek-kwek. But Mang Kev’s Food Cart has a special place in the hearts and stomachs of students from Mendiola. The deserted part of Mendiola has become home to memories shared with friends after tiring hours of studying all because of these staple Filipino street foods.

Buttered Chicken sa dulo

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly food stop then Buttered Chicken sa dulo, is the place to be. Located in a small alley behind San Beda University stands the famous buttered chicken eatery.

The banquet is always swarmed with students from nearby universities and colleges because of the delicious and student-friendly dishes. Their iconic name came from their specialty buttered chicken while “sa dulo” was added since they are located at the end of 1st street. You are not a full-fledged Mendiola student if you haven’t at least heard of this iconic resto.

Vincent’s Place Kambingan Restaurant

Penned as the “Kambingan ng Mga Sikat”, Vincent’s Place Kambingan Restaurant serves goat meat specialties like kilaweng kambing, sizzling adobong kambing with garlic, papaitan, and many more. If you’re not a fan of goat meat then maybe Vincent’s Place Kambingan Restaurant might just change that.

What makes this resto different is the entire wall dedicated to the famous people who have dined in the restaurant, you’ll likely see famous stars, athletes, politicians, and alike. Also included on this wall are photos of students who have shared their memories with the restaurant during their youth. This is one food stop that is definitely worth coming back to.

First Strip Food Court

Talking about “food meets people,” First Strip Mendiola Food Court is a place to eat for hungry tummies strolling around the area. This is a go-to for students during free time and after class hours and being minutes away from different campuses, it is easy for the students to walk back to their classes.

Stalled with various food choices, people mark this as their hang-out place to dine. And what makes it so special is seeing students from different colleges and universities come together to create memories—definitely, a sight to see.

Cafe UK Co.

Studying in our homes or dormitories is a struggle especially with your bed enticing you to a nice good nap every time. That’s why having this 24-hour UK-themed cafe has become a game-changer for many.

First opening its doors to students near the University of Santo Thomas before coming to 2nd street in Mendiola, Cafe UK Co. easily became the “it” hangout spot for students. Aside from being open around the clock, Cafe UK. Co. is also known for its spacious interior, and fast Wi-Fi along with its highly rated ambiance, service, and delicious coffee and pastries.

Mendiola is home to several universities and colleges and around its corners are food stops filled with memories and stories. May this list temporarily satisfy your cravings while we wait for the day when we can go back and eat at our favorite restos once again. But most of all we hope for the safety of every vendor and entrepreneur who is affected by the pandemic.

Let your tummies guide you and tell us where should we visit next?