If you want to start your vegan diet journey, these fast food stalls can help you get started with their wallet-friendly plant-based meals!

/ 26 February 2021

Shifting to a vegan diet is not as easy as people make it seem on social media. For one, the diet is far from cheap. In the Philippines alone, you could save more coins if you buy canned goods rather than completing the ingredients needed for a plant-based meal. 

Vegan diet is not for everyone too, as different bodies react to different things including food. It is safer to consult a licensed nutritionist before committing to any diet for a long period of time. 

Whether you’re planning to incorporate plant-based food in your daily meals or you just want to try it out, these local fast food stalls offer vegetarian menus that will not cost you a lot:



Last year, Burger King surprised its consumers with the first plant-based burger in the Philippines. The restaurant claimed that its burger is “made from plants, but tastes like beef.”

“The Plant-Based Whopper is finally here. 100% Flame Grilled, 0% Beef. Try it and #DontTastetheDifference,” their poster read.

The plant-based burger costs P89 for small and solo orders.



The interiors of Subway PH always gives off that ‘I’m eating a healthy meal vibe’ and we are not wrong. This food stall offers vegetarian sandwiches that are totally customizable.

One of the healthiest sandwiches you can get from Subway is their Veggie Delight sandwich which has only 230 calories per serving.



Just when you thought Starbucks is just good for its coffee and pastries, it surprises you with its plant-based menu.

In January 2021, Starbucks PH announced that it has included plant-based meals in its menu: Starbucks’ new plant-based classic lasagna, which costs P195,  is a meat-free take on the Italian food. The coffee shop has also introduced its plant-based mince roll which costs P95, and its BBQ mochi bun which costs P85.



In case you have not heard, Shaky’s Pizza offers a plant-based burger too! Launched in 2020, the “Goood Burger” is made from  ‘unMeat’, the plant-based meat alternative brand from its sister company Century Pacific Food Inc. (CNPF), which is currently sold to institutional customers only.

The Goood Burger, which costs P185, is in line with the food chain’s sustainability efforts, being a plastic-neutral company since 2019.



Who’s ready for dessert? At Baskin-Robins, there are plenty of non-dairy ice creams you can choose from.

The dessert stall offers non-dairy chocolate chip cookie dough made with cookie dough pieces, chocolate chunks and a chocolate ribbon, and non-dairy chocolate extreme contains chocolate chunks and a chocolate ribbon, and is also gluten conscious.

“The two non-dairy – yet flavor-full – menu items are vegan* takes on classic fan-favorites. Made with a base blend of coconut oil and almond butter, the result is a dessert so rich and indulgent, you won’t be able to tell that it’s not the full-dairy version,” said Baskin-Robbins.