Not all heroes wear capes. In the time of COVID-19, they come in pink long-sleeved shirts, bulky helmets, layers of facemasks, and a two-wheeled batmobile.

/ 2 March 2021

foodpanda, the leading food delivery service in the Philippines, doesn’t just deliver food, but also delivers life-changing experiences. Recognizing this, foodpanda launched an online series  that highlights the daily lives of their different riders called the Ka-panda Adventures.  

The episodes feature three riders: Jemar Villocillo, Stefhaniel David Ong, and Maria Nazareth  Gepayo, who all share the exhilarating, exciting, but altogether worthwhile experience of being  a foodpanda delivery partner. 

The first episode “Rider Sweet Vlogger” spotlights Jemar Villocillo who became a vlogger while  delivering food to his customers. Since then, he has had 8 thousand subscribers, who he calls  ka-Waray, with whom he shares his misadventures, challenges, and accomplishments. He was  surprised with a GoPro camera during the episode as a token from foodpanda for him to continue  his vlogging endeavors!


Stefhaniel David Ong, a working student, talks about his first day blooper on the second episode “First Day Oops.” Out of excitement, he ran a red light and was reprimanded by a police officer,  making it the most memorable first day ever. Despite the blunder, he was still so excited to work  for foodpanda and learned from this experience. In the end, he was surprised with a laptop that  he can use when he resumes his online studies. 


Last, but certainly not least, foodpanda “Super Biker MomMaria Nazareth Gepayo, who is a  mother of 2, shared her most unforgettable experience on riding despite heavy rains to deliver  food to a family who had no means of getting dinner otherwise. To show foodpanda’s  appreciation for her dedication, she was given a high chair for her kids and a laptop for personal use.  


“For rider’s month this 2021, we wanted to celebrate foodpanda riders and give back for all the  work they do, especially since they carry foodpanda’s name every day and everywhere they go,” expressed Daniel Marogy, foodpanda Philippines Managing Director. “We not only thank our  loyal customers for trusting foodpanda, but we also want to show our unending gratitude to our  riders for serving Filipinos.” 

To extend its gratitude to other riders, foodpanda has also arranged to get Chowking meals for  its riders nationwide. If there’s anything the pandemic has revealed, it’s that these people, who  deliver our breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all cravings in between are essential workers too. They  continue to provide exemplary service in order to deliver our needs despite the daily challenges  and ongoing worries.