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TriArt’s (CO)lab initiative enables e-commerce success through original art--a breath of fresh air for local artists.

/ 2 December 2020

If there is one thing TriArt (CO)lab prides itself for, it is the brand’s love for the local art scene. Local artists all over the country were given a platform to showcase their talents and profit from them at the same time. 

TriArt, an end-to-end design, production, and retail lab, believes that teaming up with local talents and bringing their art to life are the first two steps in promoting a healthier culture between independent creatives and consumers.

The team also believes in responsible manufacturing through “slow fashion” which encourages slower production schedules, provides fair wages to workers, lessen carbon footprints, and zero waste.

It can be recalled that in the earlier weeks of November, actress and singer Nadine Lustre has also teamed up with TriArt to share her Wildest Dreams merch with fans. 

“It’s been a long and worthwhile journey in producing this (co)lab for Nadine’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ album,” TriArt shares. “We provide the utmost attention to detail in fit, feel, and design application to bring the level of quality of each garment to the highest standard, which ripples across all of the pieces of the collection.”

Still wondering how this works? There are five phases that will elaborate the whole artistic process between TriArt and the independent artists. 

In Phase One, artists pitch their ideas to TriArt. A pool of creative individuals will then screen the designs submitted by the artists.

For Phase Two, the designs will be rendered by TriArt in the artists’ chosen silhouettes. Renders will then be uploaded on the brand’s website under (CO)lab.

In a span of 30 days, the artists are allowed to share their designs to friends and followers to accumulate pre-orders for the duration of the campaign; this sums up Phase Three

Production will begin in Phase Four, which marks the end of the artists’ campaigns. It is also safe to assume that by this time, the artist has already collected the target number of orders (per design). 

In Phase five, all the artist’s products will be sent to his or her customers.