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UNIQLO has been putting out the most stylish and comfortable t-shirt designs for years, and summer's the perfect time to rock them. With a range of colors in airy materials, we might actually have a stand against the heat this season.

/ 5 May 2021

Global apparel retailer UNIQLO is offering a way to stay comfortable this summer with its collection of T-Shirts. The high-quality apparel comes in a wide range of colors and designs and can be enjoyed in any situation indoors and outdoors.

“UNIQLO’s T-Shirts address our customers’ need for everyday wear that is both versatile and stylish. These t-shirts are a testament to our commitment to LifeWear, our high-quality and timeless apparel made for everyone, everywhere. They are universal in design and comfort and are innovated with unique technologies to make them a closet essential,” says Masayoshi Nakamura, Chief Operation Officer of UNIQLO Philippines. 


Technologies and materials of high-quality that give lightness and better comfort

AIRism is woven with special fibers that diffuse moisture and release heat, alleviating that sweaty feeling. Apart from quickly absorbing and evaporating moisture, AIRism neutralizes odors caused by sweat. The fabric is highly breathable and is cool and smooth to the touch. 

Select T-Shirts are also made from Supima© cotton. This superior and super-soft fiber has been dubbed the “cashmere of cotton” and represents less than 1% of all cotton grown worldwide. 

Below are UNIQLO’s T-Shirts line-up that everyone can enjoy this summer. 

Image courtesy of UNIQLO Philippines

Men’s and Women’s Uniqlo U Crew Neck T-Shirt | Php 590.00

The basic T-shirt has been perfected by Uniqlo U, led by our Artistic Director and UNIQLO Research & Development Team in Paris. Uniqlo U Crew Neck T-shirt is designed to be durable, thanks to a sturdy heavy cotton material made from low-count yarn with a compact knit. Its binding specifications help keep the garment in shape, so it doesn’t stretch out. It also comes with a trendy, relaxed silhouette in a wide range of casual and sophisticated colors.


Image courtesy of UNIQLO Philippines

Men’s, Women’s and Kids’ Uniqlo U AIRism Cotton Oversized Crew Neck T-Shirt | Php 790.00

The apparel may look like a normal cotton t-shirt, but it comes with AIRism technology to make it lightweight, breathable – with a smooth and dry touch. Its relaxed cut makes it an ideal choice for casual wear, while its elegant, muted colors can dress the look up. Its easy-care design means the t-shirt does not wrinkle after washing.


Image courtesy of UNIQLO Philippines

Men’s Uniqlo U Oversized Crew Neck T-Shirt | Php 790.00

This T-Shirt is made with compact 100% cotton and a boxy cut with a drop shoulder for a breezy and comfortable fit. 


Image courtesy of UNIQLO Philippines

Women’s Smooth Cotton French Sleeve T-Shirt | Php 590.00

UNIQLO added a thick new cotton fabric this season, with a soft and silky-smooth touch and just the right amount of drape. Its relaxed cut with a slightly longer body length and French sleeves make it perfect for dressing up in elegant looks.


Image courtesy of UNIQLO Philippines

Men’s SUPIMA Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt | Php 590.00

The cotton crew neck t-shirt is made from 100% Supima© cotton, designed with a special spinning method to give it a high-quality texture. This season, UNIQLO updated the garment with a looser fit so it drapes beautifully towards the hem. Despite the update, the shirt’s clean and simple design still looks timeliness. 


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