With his acting skills it is no surprise that Arcilla won a title. Let’s take a look back on his past roles that made us admire this great actor.

/ 11 January 2022

John Arcilla is the first Filipino to win Coppi Volpi (Volpi Cup) for Best Actor of the year 2021in the Venice Film Festival. He was awarded for his role as Sisoy Salas in a movie entitled On the Job: The Missing 8, directed by Direk Erik Matti.


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This was not the first time that Arcilla served us with great acting skills. In fact, all the roles given to him– whether it be a major or supporting role, he doesn’t fail to catch the attention of the audiences for his realistic portrayal. So, without further ado, here are some of his prominent roles.


Kuwaresma is a horror-thriller movie, starring John Arcilla and Sharon Cuneta. Arcilla, portrayed the role of a father in a household who suffered from the loss of a daughter. His acting in this film was so superb that we really hated the character for what he did.


Birdshot is an indie film about a girl accidentally killing a Haribon and Arcilla played the role of a high rank policeman assigned to investigate that case. Of course, he didn’t disappoint and gave us another character to hate because of their attitude on the film.

On the Job

His character in this film is the type that we hate, especially because of the good acting, we tend to feel that what’s happening is real. Arcilla portrayed Sisoy– a man with a platform but chose to take the side of the corrupt people in power.

Metro Manila 

John Arcilla is Douglas Ong, a senior guard/driver of an armored vehicle who later on revealed his true agenda to the new-hire protagonist Oscar. This is not new but he was really in character all throughout the movie.

Heneral Luna 

And of course, who would forget his legendary portrayal of the one and only Heneral Luna. Before the film was released, Luna wasn’t given enough attention as a hero of the country, but after the movie was released, people started appreciating him– all thanks to Arcilla giving him life on the screen.

Most of John Arcilla’s roles are kontrabida (antagonist), but in reality, with his noteworthy acting skills, it is undeniable that he is a protagonist. And we love him for that! What are your favorite John Arcilla roles? Share it with us on www.facebook.com/phstudenttambayan