Looking for songs to cap the year off? Listen to Kakie Pangilinan’s ‘Afterparty,’ and rekindle the connections you made pre-quarantine.

/ 30 December 2020

There are lots of things that millennials missed during the months-long quarantine and one of them is partying and mingling with friends from dusk to dawn. In Frankie “Kakie” Pangilinan’s ‘Afterparty,’ you can now rekindle the connections you made before the threats of Covid-19 seized the fun.

Kakie released the R&B- bedroom pop song just in time for New Year’s eve. If you follow her alternate Twitter account, you may have recalled the first time she posted the lyrics of Afterparty.

A video of her singing can also be seen in the same post:



The 20-year-old singer has commissioned her closest and most talented friends for the album. 

“I hired them to work on my mv because I missed them and the last 20 seconds of Afterparty are their vocals–some layered voice memos, some taken when we were together,” Kakie said in a Tweet. 

She also made sure that the people who worked with her have tested negative for Covid-19.

“I don’t ever see anyone casually due to lockdown but I am allowed to do the occasional work thing as long as everyone is tested, so i hired my besties instead,” Kakie said. 

‘Afterparty’ is Kakie’s third solo single following ‘Battlescars’ which she released in the early months of 2020.

In 2018, the artist released her debut single ‘tyl’, along with ‘Selfish’, her collaborative track with Luis Villanueva and Cub Fuque.


You can now stream Kakie Pangilinan’s ‘Afterparty’ on Spotify.