Philippines’ folklore was featured in an international series, and it's thrilling.

/ 2 February 2022

On November 4 last year, HBO and HBO GO launched the second season of the series called Folklore featuring different Asian countries’ lores. 7 Days of Hell was the fourth episode of the said season that was released December 5, 2021.

The storyline revolves around Lourdes who’s in pursuit of saving his son after suffering kulam, a Filipino term for witchcraft and/or sorcery. The story did not rely on jump scares and typical horror movie formula to give you goosebumps. Its dark plot twists are enough to make your heart race.

Well, don’t expect less from this episode because it’s written by Michiko Yamamoto, a Filipina screenwriter who has written tons of award-winning films like Magnifico, Honor Thy Father, and many more.

It was also directed by none other than Erik Matti, an award-winning director famous for his films like Buy Bust, Seklusyon, Kuwaresma, and many more.

In an interview with Matti said that, “the thing we explored in 7 Days of Hell is how fear could build up with something that you don’t really understand. I think right now, not just because of the pandemic, but generally how the world functions, is there’s a lot of fear that goes around that you can’t totally explain. The inexplicable is the one fueling the fear itself.”

The lead actress, on the other hand, left a chilling comment which made the episode scarier than it already is!

“For me personally why it’s really scary is because it’s not just a myth. Pangkukulam (witchcraft) is actually a reality for a lot of Filipinos. It is a known phenomenon of healing and destruction, so ‘yun ang ang maganda dun, kasi may katotohanan siya, so pwede siya mangyari sa kahit sino.”

Have you watched this episode? What are your thoughts?