From adolescence to hopelessness, and to a renewed sense of purpose–Scye bares it all in latest single.

/ 20 January 2021

Def Jam Philippines continues to unearth some gems hidden within the wider music community, including Scye, the 26-year old lyricist following in the likes of the greats that have come before him, namely International stars Eminem and J.Cole, as well as homegrown legends Francis Magalona, Gloc-9, and Loonie.

True to its title, ‘Aking Kabanata’ is a lyrical cinematic snapshot of Scye’s life so far, divided into three episodes: the first verse discusses his life at 16, followed by his life at 20, and finally four years after at 24.

The song begins with its heart in its sleeve as Scye croons the chorus: “Mga kalyo sa daliri at putik sa paa ay ang ala-ala ng pagkabata. Mga payo sa sarili ang nagbigay pag-asang pagpatuloy ang aking kabanata.”

The first line paints the scene perfectly, describing Scye in his struggling life in adolescence. The second recognizes his response of overcoming these struggles and his newfound hope to go on. Scye’s dissects the episodic nature of the track using his arsenal of flows, showcasing his versatile technical prowess. While the vocal track packs a punch, it is given life by a vibrant beat that carries a hypnotic bass and catchy drumbeat.

Out of the whole track, Scye is fond of the line ”Ito ang buhay ko, papasok sa bahay ko, buksan mo ang pinto, bilisan mo, bilisan mo.” For him, the lines takes two interpretations. The track can be taken as a literal overview of his life so far, but it could also be taken as his attempt at finding purpose in making music. He declares that he is alive, and that this is his life to live.

“Papasok sa bahay ko” could be interpreted as his literal residence, but it could also mean that it’s an announcement of him entering the world of hip-hop and declaring it as his home. Meanwhile, “…buksan mo ang pinto, bilisan mo! bilisan mo” expresses both his urgency to jump into this world while also telling himself that he won’t stop until he reaches his dreams.

Check out his latest track Aking Kabanata below: